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Ursula2U, Marketing - Communiation - Internet - South Shore- Monteregie - Montreal
Strategie Marketing Internet, Strategie Marketing Web, Strategie Marketing, Conception Site Web, SEO Montreal, SEO Rive-Sud,
Conception & Optimisation site Internet, Creativity, Graphic Design,
Marketing Plan & Communication Plan
Communication, Advertising, Internet ,Website Conception & Optimization  
SEO, Social Medias, Technology Solutions, Strategy,Competitive Analysis
Market Research, Graphic Design ,Creativity, Printed Products
Corporate & Promotional Material

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SME - Service List - A la Carte :

Multichannel Marketing

Internet Marketing & Interactive Marketing

Marketing Strategy & Web Strategy

Marketing Plan & Communication Plan

Communication & Advertising

Website Conception & Design

Website Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO, SEM, SMO) &  Web Positioning

Social Medias (Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+/Twitter/Pinterest/Youtube, )                    

Google Adwords

Strategic Planning                                           

Strategic Advisory Services

Market Research


Graphic Design & Creativity

Printed Products (Business cards, flyers, brochures, catalogue, )

Corporate & Promotional Material 

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Member of Chamber of commerce  CCIVR , CCIRS  , CCMSB


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Ursula2U offers customized consultation services and project management in:

Marketing - Communication - Web

We help you identify among the media, technology, traditional and new tools which are the most effective to connect and interact with your customers.

Whether you run out of time or internal resources, Ursula2U offers support to move forward and to achieve your projects.

Ursula2U , Consulting Services  & Project Management

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